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Zen for flower lovers

Welcome! I'm Sharon Calatayud, the owner of Fields of Flora, a bountiful cut flower farm on Cape Cod. I'm a gardener at heart with a passion for creating arrangements and installations that let the flowers speak for themselves. I'm also a quality girl- I spent over a decade in the food industry as a quality control specialist. So, you may get an inkling of just how serious I am about growing the best quality product I can provide. In order to enjoy the freshest, longest lasting blooms, they need to be grown and harvested locally. Straight from the field to your hands!

My early gardening days are attributed to my mother, a seasoned gardener. Through the task of weeding and getting down at eye level with the earth, I found an appreciation for flowers that I wouldn't have formed otherwise. Examining these stunning beauties up close, relishing that heavenly scent of sweet peas, lilacs or others on the wind.  This is when my love of flower nurturing really took root.  I dreamed of sharing my passion with others,  thus Fields of Flora was created.


I would like to give you a chance to form that special bond with natures bounty. I believe that nothing can brighten someone’s day like a beautiful bouquet of the freshest sweetest smelling flowers.


photo credit Magdalena studios

Sharon Calatayud

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